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F-ing awesome theory!

Ok, get ready to have your socks blown off! (Speaking of socks, I wore a pair decorated with orange cats during my XC meet this morning, and it helped me PR by 30 seconds...but I think I'm getting off track) I have PROOF that Harry is being even more manipulated that he could ever know!

1979: Trelawny reveals this nifty prophecy to Dumbledore
1980: Harry Potter is born

WHAT IF: Dumbledore (and maybe the Order of the Phoenix) made a list of all the people on their side who qualified (defied Voldemort the right number of times) and gave them fertility potions and stuck them in a room to produce...THE INCARNATION OF THE PROPHECY!!!

Harry wasn't born by chance; the Potters realized that if they got it on immediately, they could have a child potentially around the end of July. Harry was MADE specifically to destroy Voldemort, manipulated into existence by a desperate group of people willing to try anything (especially something that involved sexual intercourse) to win the war.

Wadda think? Come on, you know you love this one. It just makes sense, dammit! Let me know what you think, Priestesses! Am I hired?
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