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The expert descends...

Greetings. I thought about posting my full resume, just so you could get to know me, but I didn't want my five published works on the Harry Potter series to make anyone here feel intimidated. But let me tell you a little about my background. I was born from a chicken's egg hatched under a toad in 1901, and have been hibernating for 90 years. My grandmother, contrary to popular belief, was not a Veela, although she did eat one one winter when she ran out of crackers. Not to make anyone feel unworthy to be in my company, but I must admit that I'm an animagus and can turn into a Blast-Ended Skrewt at will. For an updated biography, consult my livejournal user info.

I have a direct connection with my Inner Eye, and I may lower myself to allow yee mortals some priviledged information concerning revelations in future Harry Potter books. For instance, Harry says in the first book that he continually grows back his hair whenever it is cut. Once his hair is even shaved off altogether by an irrate Aunt Petunia, and by concentrating really hard, he is able to grow it out to normal by the next morning. Therefore...Harry is a freakin' metamorphmagus! See, Rowling had to introduce it slowly, first by animagi in book three, and then by meeting Tonks in Bk 5, who is a metamorphmagus AND an auror, the career path Harry seems most interested in (Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!). Add in the fact that Tonks always seems to have cute, sexy hair...

I rest my case.

Oh yes, I gave birth to a crumple-horned snorback several years ago. I recently discovered that it was actually my twin-sister and promptly put it to death.
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