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Lunaic Harry Potter Theories

[because no one said it COULDN'T happen]

The Lunaic School of HP Theorizing
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Basically, if you take HP extremely seriously (let's be sirius guys!) THEN LEAVE NOW!

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Welcome one and all to the Lunaic School of Theorizing! Please read through our short list of rules, and then feel free to immerse yourself in the wonders of Lunaic remedies to your every-day problems... especially those concerning the mysteries of the Harry Potter multiuniverse.


1. All kinds of theories and discussions are allowed, but if they are of a more mature nature (sex, slash, murder, kittens of doom) place it below an lj cut with a warning. If this rule is disregarded often, the Lunaic Priestesses will begin ripping your sections out and feeding them to the Rodents of Unusual Size (yes, of course they exist!).

2. The main point of this board is to provide a humorous side to the HP universe, allowing ourselves to laugh at us for taking so seriously what really is only a wonderful work of fiction. We want the most outrageous and least likely theories out there. We want to laugh. That is not to say that real theories are not invited and that we won't just as eagerly embrace them, but if it is taken less-than-seriously, don't get your feelings hurt.

3. We are here to have fun, and because of that we do not allow trolling and flaming. Trolls are stupid oafs and setting people on fire never really did anyone any good now, did it? Do it once and we will feed YOU to the Rodents of Unusual Size.

4. Only one who has seen the great Crumple-Horned Snorkack is permitted to be in the Lunaic Order. In your first post, do let us know in your final sentence at the bottom that you have done so.

The Lunaic Order was founded in honour of the endlessly wise Luna Lovegood for her ability to not just look beyond, but to look where no other person in the living or unliving world would think to look. For this reason, we are open to anything and everything! All are welcome as long as they can maintain the necessary respect towards other Lunes and stay on-topic.

We are still putting everything together, so please be patient. Ideas are welcome however, and posting is open.

The Lunaic Priestesses:
Avery - tanelorn_bound
Joanna - avendesora_leaf