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A theory that seems crazy, but it makes sense 
08:26pm 16/01/2012
mood: anxious
Okay, I know that I am new at this but I have been reading Harry Potter for a long time and I also watched the movies. Now my theory that I have, people will jump on me and tell me that it's a lie, but just think about it for a second.

I believe that Severus Snape is Harry Potter's real father. Now, before you start telling me that it's not true, think about this. When Lily went to Hogwarts her and Snape were best friends despite being in seperate houses, she said that she hated James. Since he was always teasing and picking on Snape. How could she marry someone that she couldn't stand? Unless, she really loved Snape but to try and protect her, they made her marry James.

Which comes to Harry, Snape's really good at potions, Lily's really good at Charms. So why not make a potion to MAKE Harry look like James. Since it's odd that everyone says "you look just like your father, except for your eyes".

Plus if you notice in the movies, James was never close to Lily, Lily made all the moves to be with Harry. James just stood on the side lines, also I know that teachers/professors are to protect their students, but Snape takes it over the lines just to protect Harry.

Tell me what you think, I know that it's out there but that's my theory is that Snape is Harry's real father and James was only there just to protect Lily and Harry since Snape was an agent for Voldemort and Dumbledore
Call me Crazy but... 
12:33am 18/11/2006
mood: blank
What if Dumbledore's army are the thestrals, centaurs, and the other creatures in the Forbidden Forest. Also all of the Hogwarts students that enlists.
F-ing awesome theory! 
09:37pm 18/09/2004
mood: creative
Ok, get ready to have your socks blown off! (Speaking of socks, I wore a pair decorated with orange cats during my XC meet this morning, and it helped me PR by 30 seconds...but I think I'm getting off track) I have PROOF that Harry is being even more manipulated that he could ever know!

1979: Trelawny reveals this nifty prophecy to Dumbledore
1980: Harry Potter is born

WHAT IF: Dumbledore (and maybe the Order of the Phoenix) made a list of all the people on their side who qualified (defied Voldemort the right number of times) and gave them fertility potions and stuck them in a room to produce...THE INCARNATION OF THE PROPHECY!!!

Harry wasn't born by chance; the Potters realized that if they got it on immediately, they could have a child potentially around the end of July. Harry was MADE specifically to destroy Voldemort, manipulated into existence by a desperate group of people willing to try anything (especially something that involved sexual intercourse) to win the war.

Wadda think? Come on, you know you love this one. It just makes sense, dammit! Let me know what you think, Priestesses! Am I hired?
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Puppet Show! 
11:26pm 14/09/2004
mood: dorky
i don't know if you kids have seen these or not but i found them quiiiiite funny. they even have LoTR ones too. ;)




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harry and the potters 
09:18pm 23/08/2004
mood: amused


i think you all should take a listen. i'm not saying it's "good" but it's certainly interesting.
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The cats speaketh... 
09:57am 12/08/2004
mood: crazy
Hullo? Has everyone died? *sniff* I didn't think my breath was that bad, or else I would have brushed my teeth more than twice a month...

But I must relay important news to ye HP fans and fanatics - my cats, who are currently resting contently on their thrones (er, my bed, actually) hath spoken the truest truth: SNAPE IS A #$&^#$*&^ VAMPIRE!!!

-continued reference to his "bat-like" dark cloak, the way he "swoops" as he walks
-physical description: sallow skin, almost as if he didn't GO IN THE SUN MUCH!!
-Quirrell calling Snape "that overgrown bat" at the end of Bk 1
-after Snape assigns a werewolf essay, Lupin assigns a vampire essay (and if werewolves weren't on a third year syllabus, then WHY WERE VAMPIRES?)
-Lupin makes sure to mention his vampire essay IN FRONT OF SNAPE
-Snape has a happy tendency of wandering around during the night in all 5 books
-he likes being in the COOL, DARK, underground dungeons
-he wears black - come on guys, he freakin' dresses like one
-he can read people's minds...
-when Harry first enters Snape's office for Occumency lessons, he DOESN'T SEE SNAPE HIDING IN THE CORNER!
-in Snape's memory, Snape is a teenager shooting down flies in a dark room - which means HE CAN SEE IN THE DARK!
-at the end of Bk3, upon discovering Lupin is a werewolf, the Gryffindors fantasize that maybe they'll get a vampire for a teacher next - OR MAYBE THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE!
-when Harry finds a deranged Crouch Sr. during Bk4, runs to get Dumbledore, and then wonders if Snape had something to do with Crouch's disappearance, Ron jokes "unless he can turn into a bat and fly down, he couldn't have beat you back to the forest" - and we all know that every time Ron jokes IT COMES TRUE!!
-lastly, when Snape makes Harry empty his pockets during Bk 3 when Harry's head was seen by Draco in Hogsmeade, he is actually searching for blood flavored lollipops! Come on, it just makes sense - why else would he be so interested in Harry's candy, IT WAS BLOOD LUST!! BWAH, HA, HA!!! This is also why Lupin was so keen on getting Harry out of Snape's office - he wanted to save the boy from ALMOST CERTAIN PERIL!!

Behold, the cats hath spoken! Heed ye well these words thine... Or prepare to be...um...I was going to say clawed to death but my cats are declawed - ha, it will just make your deaths even slower ye mortal fools! Imagine being clawed to death by something without claws! Oh, the agony, the many months of ticklish torment and wailing anguish!

Learn ye well mine words, fools! *hums merrily*

*whispers* the snorback crumpet, it follows me everywhere, it licks my earwax when i'm asleep, IT WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! *runs off screaming*
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12:29pm 22/07/2004

Really!! We all know that this will be directly related to CoS, and Aragog is like... HE'S ARAGOG!!! Not to be confused with Aragogo. ANYWAY! YES.
Theory for the Evening 
12:09am 22/07/2004
  Dementors are the descendants of Ringwraiths.

Shiiiire... Baggiiiinsss.... .... I mean ..... POTTEEEERRRR!
surprised? i think not 
01:57am 20/07/2004
mood: devious
i'm in slytherin!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

so far i think i'm the only slytherin to speak up in this little group.
making it go! 
11:07pm 19/07/2004
  i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Yay! I've joined my first lj community...woo woo.

So uh, I think Cho Chang is a Christ figure...and Harry's totally gonna have to kill her and the death will cleans Voldermort from all his sins and then harry and Voldermort will get a cabin together and sign up for a netflix account...mark my words...mark my words, I say!

mumble mumble...crumpley-dumpley-horned-snorkley-deydoodah
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10:20pm 18/07/2004
mood: accomplished
*walks away humming*
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SORT ME! Bwahahaha!! 
09:16pm 18/07/2004
mood: good
i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

That wasn't expected...

And if you need MORE proof... or something else to kill time....

Ravenclaw - 88
Gryffindor - 66
Hufflepuff - 66
Slytherin - 50

Take the Hogwarts House meme here.

Anyone got a third sorting quiz out there? I'm all about 2 out of 3... granted... I already have it... BWAHAHA!
AK... the Killing Curse... OR IS IT?! 
07:11pm 18/07/2004
mood: amused
Holy mother of Luna who blew herself up in her laboratory!

I leave for three days and there's like a million posts! Okay... maybe not that many... but you know. :-P

Latest theory...

I don't think the AK curse is actually a killing curse. It's really a soul stealing curse. And Death Eaters? They just like to run around and collect souls for their Soulemon Tournaments every weekend. Voldemort is actually the Soulemon Master. He has the largest collection after all.


This also explains why they get along so well with Dementors.

[Susan, make me an icon about this and I will love you forever plus some]
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the sorting hat... 
12:04am 18/07/2004
  you know how harry asks the sorting hat in book 2 if he really should have been in slytherin? maybe he should have... maybe he really is the heir... maybe another screw up was hermione, who it turns out should be in ravenclaw, luckily she's smart enough to figure out how to fix the sorting hats magic and then she triumphantly returns to ravenclaw, and then because she is the brightest wizard of her generation... ravenclaw will rule!!!  
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Okay! New theory! 
09:44pm 17/07/2004
mood: accomplished
You all ready for this?

Hufflepuff will one day take over and RULE THE WORLD! WAHAHAHA! They're already rising to the top! No one suspects us though, because you all think we're just stupid loyal-types! How wrong you are! It's all a front! We will assimilate you! BWAHAHA! All you hoity toity houses are going down, baby.

I root for the Chudley Cannons,
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Someone stop meeeeeeee~! 
04:41pm 17/07/2004
mood: apathetic
I have been reading Harry Potter fanfiction for the last three days. I can't stop! IT'S AN ADDICTION! :O
....and I'm still working on another theory. >_>; The fanfiction is taking over my life!

This is the real reason I'm posting! This person does REEEAAALLY good Harry Potter fanart >>; I just had to tell you all :D

So I'll be back to my fanfiction now.

Hermione loves Ron and Ron loves Hermione! You all know it,
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02:53pm 17/07/2004
mood: contemplative
ya know...

at the end of book 7, harry probably is fighting voldie and maybe they both yell avada kedavra at each other and for harry, everything goes white.

then he wakes up in a muggle hospital with a muggle doctor at his side. the doctor looks shocked at the site of harry wakening. harry says something like, "wha.. what happened?"

the doctor says, "you've just woken from a (let's say...) 17 year long coma. you were in a car accident. i'm sorry, your parents didn't make it."

hogwarts was all a dream!! there is no such thing as magic!! the dursley's were right!! jk rowling is yanking our chains big time getting us all worked up about some silly soap oprah dream sequence!!

that was it. that was my attempt. *shrugs*
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12:07am 17/07/2004
i'm really into the whole rowling book collection is simply a reality tv show where it's all about nevilles life

that one episode where he fought the crumple-horned snorkack was the best... higher ratings than that one story arch about that silly harry potter fighting voldemort for 7 years... booo... neville totally was better when he fought the snorkack
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The expert descends... 
11:20pm 16/07/2004
mood: crazy
Greetings. I thought about posting my full resume, just so you could get to know me, but I didn't want my five published works on the Harry Potter series to make anyone here feel intimidated. But let me tell you a little about my background. I was born from a chicken's egg hatched under a toad in 1901, and have been hibernating for 90 years. My grandmother, contrary to popular belief, was not a Veela, although she did eat one one winter when she ran out of crackers. Not to make anyone feel unworthy to be in my company, but I must admit that I'm an animagus and can turn into a Blast-Ended Skrewt at will. For an updated biography, consult my livejournal user info.

I have a direct connection with my Inner Eye, and I may lower myself to allow yee mortals some priviledged information concerning revelations in future Harry Potter books. For instance, Harry says in the first book that he continually grows back his hair whenever it is cut. Once his hair is even shaved off altogether by an irrate Aunt Petunia, and by concentrating really hard, he is able to grow it out to normal by the next morning. Therefore...Harry is a freakin' metamorphmagus! See, Rowling had to introduce it slowly, first by animagi in book three, and then by meeting Tonks in Bk 5, who is a metamorphmagus AND an auror, the career path Harry seems most interested in (Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!). Add in the fact that Tonks always seems to have cute, sexy hair...

I rest my case.

Oh yes, I gave birth to a crumple-horned snorback several years ago. I recently discovered that it was actually my twin-sister and promptly put it to death.
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yes i'm a slytherin and i love being better than everyone else. 
08:18pm 14/07/2004
mood: amused
hey i'm joining this craziness cos i love HP. i'm susan the grumpy hermit. sometimes i like to come out and play though. but usually it's only when there is a promise of tasty food, cool anime, sweet video games, or harry potter goodness.

no theories for this post. but i'm sure i saw that.. what's it called? Crumple-Horned Snorkack? yah i think that's the one. i think it was under my sink eyeballing a tasty looking sponge.
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